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Impella CP catheter explant

For low risk patients, the Impella Catheter can be removed at bedside after weaning.

Bedside explant process 

  1. Stop systemic heparin infusion
  2. Change purge solution to non-heparinized fluid (e.g D5%W)
  3. Wait until ACT drops below 150 seconds.
  4. Set P-Level to P-2.
  5. Pull the Impella® CP cathter slowly back to get the cathter inside the aorta. You will feel a resistance when you reach approximately 30-35 cm.
  6. Set the P-Level to 0 or discconnet the cathter from the Automated Impella® Controller.
  7. Remove the Impella® Catheter and repositioning sheath together (the catheter will not come out through the repositioning sheath).
  8. Apply manual compression for 40 minutes or per hospital protocol.

When pulling the Impella® Catheter, you should not have any resistance. If there is any resistance before reaching 30-35cm, stop and notify the interventional cardiologist immediately. Check the catheter position with Echocardiography and X-Ray.

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